The Aussiefast Difference for Interstate Freight

Quality, Flexibility, Reliability and Security

Aussiefast utilises purpose built equipment to ensure your freight is protected from the elements. As a trustworthy, professional and reliable transport solutions provider, Aussiefast is also dedicated to quality customer service.


Safety is very important to Aussiefast together with the health and welfare of team members and the community at large. Within the transport industry ‘driver fatigue’ can pose a safety issue, while drivers are transporting freight. This can affect arrival times, whether goods arrive at all and the safety and welfare of the driver and others on the road. Aussiefast is dedicated to ensuring driver fatigue is not an issue, with a number of measures and procedures in place to prevent its occurrence including the provision of sleeping quarters for drivers.


The Aussiefast depot in Adelaide boasts state-of-the-art facilities including security cameras and a security patrol network to ensure safe, secure and dry warehousing of all goods. The security of your goods is a high priority to prevent damage and theft.

Proof of delivery system

Aussiefast provides an online proof of delivery service, which allows you the flexibility to use your own or any numbered paperwork for deliveries. Recognising that signed paperwork is of prime importance for goods delivered, this system reduces the possibility of lost or missing paperwork, speeds up POD feedback and improves overall delivery efficiencies.


  • You can use any numbered paperwork: packing slip, invoice, pick list or freight note.
  • A summary of individual con-note charges accompanies your periodic statement.
  • Shortages and discrepancies are noted immediately.
  • With the ability to identify and contact the driver responsible for a particular delivery very quickly.
  • Your own paperwork is signed by the receiver and a copy retained for reference.

Delivering freight is not the most important part; providing the service backup and administrative support is essential.

For interstate freight delivery, interstate haulage, general interstate deliveries, supply chain solutions, trucking freight logistics,   warehouse distribution, logistics and warehousing or storage warehousing; please contact Aussiefast Transport Solutions: 1300 130 089.

interstate freight

Delivering freight is more than just the actual delivery process, it is about providing the service back-up, administrative support and other complementary services such as storage warehousing for a complete solution.

Why Choose Aussiefast?

  • - Professional Approach
  • - Personalised Service
  • - Tailored Logistics Solutions
  • - Reliability and Flexibility
  • - Perform Outside Normal Procedures
  • - Time Critical Book-In Freight
  • - On-Time Delivery
  • - Superior Security