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No matter how urgent the job, Aussiefast has a range of Express Courier services for fast delivery of your goods within Adelaide or we can arrange couriers Australia-wide if required.

Express Service

For ad-hoc express transport solutions within the greater Adelaide area, our Express Courier service provides on-demand delivery. In less than 2 hours of the initial booking, Aussiefast will pick up the goods from your location for fast express courier delivery to any destination in the metro area.

Same Day Service

We also offer a Same Day courier service. If you don’t require express delivery (within two hours), this is our most cost-effective transport solution to ensure your goods are delivered to their destination within the same day as booking and pick-up.

VIP Service

For more urgent pick-up and delivery we also offer a VIP Express Service Adelaide-wide. Your goods will be picked up by the first available vehicle and delivered directly to the destination with no deviation along the way.

City Bike Service

For very urgent deliveries, Aussiefast’s city bike service is our most rapid and eco-friendly Adelaide courier service. The city bike service operates within the four Terraces that border the Adelaide CBD and we offer three levels of on-time deliver solutions:

Super Express Bicycle:
Pick-up and delivery within 15 minutes of booking for the most urgent deliveries.

Express Bicycle:
Pick-up and delivery within 30 minutes of booking.

Standard Bicycle:
Pick-up and delivery within 60 minutes of booking.


To arrange an express courier service or to make an enquiry, please call us on 131 770 or book online.

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